Rocket Launcher Carbon Fiber Shaft Break Cue

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2 piece breaking pool cue with a carbon fiber shaft.


The Rocket Launcher is a unique one of a kind break cue.  It comes with a n all new never seen before taper and weight balance used. This helps with a long accurate follow through and optimal break power with less force. They are made with top quality aged wood and high end finish! Players at all levels and  from all pool and billiard organizations such as APA, BCA, VNEA, BCW, ACS, NAPA, Wbhof, wpa, Cue Sports International, can and will benefit from this break cue. Made from the best wood available The Rocket Launcher break cue is 59″ long with a unique patent pending taper 8″ past the joint. professionally tested weight distribution with optimal balance points! The tip is 13.0 mm and the joint is a bit thinner than standard cues leaving a unique never before seen taper desired for a long follow through.  The Break Tool Of The Future! Follow Through Technology



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