Jonathan Demet

2020 Derby City Classic Bank Ring Game
  • 2021 $500 entry 699 fargo and under 3rd place finisher
  • 2020 World Stream Association tournament #2 Champion
  • 2019 Wisconsin Hall Of Fame State Straight Pool Champion
  • 2019 Wisconsin Hall Of Fame Bank Pool Champion
  • 2017 Texas Tune Up Champion
  • 2016 Arkansas Open 3rd place finisher
  • kf cue tour open division 2nd place finisher
  • 2010 BCW open division player of the year
  • multiple BCW tour victories (jr class, A class, and open divisions)
  • 2013 APA masters national team 3rd place finisher

Tony Chohan aka T-Rex

One of the most feared One Pocket Champions in the World!

Top Amateurs

Patrick Mcguire

(aka patty mac)

Top regional player from Southeast Wisconsin

2019 Big Dawg Open 3rd place finisher

Andrew Cleary

The unknown goat

2017 Florida World 10 ball Champion

2017 Mr. Pool Universe bank pool Champion

2017 Milky Way Planetary Traveling League Champion

new Universal records in every statistic known

2017 Guardians of the galaxy induction (super power – controls dense spheres)

2024 Mosconi Cup team Captain – champion , perfect record