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About the USA Pool League

The USA Pool League is designed specifically for people who want a fair and fun experience without the intense pressures found in other leagues. No experience is necessary and you do not need to already be a “pool player” to enjoy the USA Pool League.

The USA Pool League solves many problems that are common in other leagues. All players have a chance to win, player ratings are accurate, scoring is easy, league prizes are mandatory, and much more.

The USA Pool League is also powered by FargoRate – the most accurate and only global pool player rating system. All league data flows into FargoRate and player ratings are recalculated each and every day for the entire world!

Our state-of-the-art online League Management System (LMS) makes running the league and viewing league statistics extremely easy. Additionally, the mobile scoring app makes scorekeeping easier and faster than ever.

Reasons to Play

There are many reasons to play in the USA Pool League. Below are just a few.

Have Fun.

Play with friends and family in a relaxed and unintimidating environment. The USA Pool League is an amateur handicapped league where all players, no matter what skill level, can win.

Win A Free Trip To Las Vegas.

Your chance of winning a trip to the USA Pool League National Championships in Las Vegas is greater than in any other pool league. Don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself.

Eligibility for State & Regional Events.

We hold numerous state and regional events across the U.S. and internationally. Playing in the USA Pool League is the best way to become eligible for those events.

Online League Management.

All USA Pool Leagues use the proprietary League Management System for free. Players can access their league’s schedules, team standings, individual standings, and much more.

Scoring App.

One of the great benefits of the USA Pool League is free mobile scoring. There is no need for complicated score sheets, paper, pencils or a math degree. Simply login to the USA Pool League Scoring App, score the match and submit it to your League Manager. Click here to learn more.

Establish a World Rating.

All league data is entered into FargoRate. Therefore, your league play directly contributes to your rating so you can see how you compare to the rest of the world.

FargoRate Mobile App.

Members get free access to the premium features of the FargoRate app. Here, you can view your match history, see your rating progress, lookup other players’ ratings, lookup fair races between players, find statistical odds, and much more.

Official CSI Membership Card.

Members also get a digital CSI membership card with a membership number and barcode. This digital card can be scanned at CSI events for faster service.

Special Member Discounts.

​Members receive special discounts on a variety of goods and services. Click here for complete details.

No annual membership fee.

That’s right. There is no annual membership fee.