Lone Wolf Pool Network Singles Cash League Rules

  1. Lag or flip for the break, winner breaks!
  2. 9 on the break in the bottom spots up and you get ball in hand, middle pockets and head string are a win.
  3. 1 push after the break
  4. 3 fouls in a row is loss of game.
  5. Flown balls are pocketed and the opponent gets ball in hand.
  6. Jump cues are allowed.
  7. You must call the 9 ball.
  8. Slopped 9 balls spot and is a loss of turn and considered a defensive shot, unless another object ball is pocketed, then you are allowed to continue shooting. No ball in hand on a slopped 9 ball.
  9. Players will race to their skill level (3-8).
  10. Men start as SL5, Ladies as SL4.
  11. Players have 30 seconds to shoot
  12. No Timeouts
  13. 1 minute for difficult shots
  14. $10/dues and $10/Match
  15. Round Robin League, Play everyone once, then the cash tournament final!
  16. Contact Nick at LWPN 919.349.7970 for more info or questions. Text Please!