Well, this is my first post in my new BLOG.

I used to have a website called http://www.wherethebuffaloroam.info but I stopped paying on it so it was never reinstated. So due to popular demand…I have made a new one. Still keeping with the theme “Where The Buffalo Roam”, I will be recording real events that transpire in my life that I live as a self sufficient pool player who has no professional sponsors, backers or local room support. If I dont win…I dont eat…pay rent…buy the nice clothes and shoes I like to wear..and pay for the top of the line roller blades I roll in.(Remedys 2.1 HR to be exact…with Create Original Frames bee-aach) Basically….im my own little business. Self Employed… Entrepreneur. I invest in myself….and I beat people with a stick to get paid. The worst part about this business is….you don’t always get paid…but we’ll get to that later on in the stories. lets try and keep this first post as positive as I can.

So yeah….I have been playing pool for a living since I was 21. I am 33 now. I am from Buffalo NY and started playing pool when I was 7 at the Clearfield Youth Center. by the time I was 11…I could beat most adults(the counselors at the youth center and my father and grand father…) that I played. I entered my first real money tournament at the age of 14 at Corner Pocket Billiard Parlor on Transit Road in Buffalo NY back when pool was booming and tournaments paid big. I got 3rd in that tournament and won like 300 bucks…just under..$280 or so.. first was paying $6-800 for a weekly tournament.. EVERY WEEK!!!! AAAHHH THE GOOD OL’ DAYS!! The people in pool have ruined so much of pool so many places..(Especialy here in Buffalo) but anyways… after that….I was hooked. I didn’t know how good I was…all I knew was that I did a lot of winning… and winning equaled money. and winning was FUN! so…I kept playing….and kept winning….and here I am today… with a country full of haters…and a half a lifetime full of amazing performances and experiences. One thing about pool is.. NOBODY LIKES A WINNER!! unless your a professional. Then….they got their “you know what” wrapped around your “you know who.” But for a 4 eyes skinny kid with a chipped tooth and a “too hot for him…what the hell is she doing with him?” girlfriend most of the time… I wasn’t really the most liked of people when I walked into the poolroom. Its funny…. i just recently plaid this guy…and he said to me..”Jason do you know how happy I was to see you walk into the poolroom today?” and here i thought he was joking.. I said.. “can I get that in writing?” jokingly back.. and he said.. “you should get a shirt that says–“ARE YOU HAPPY IM HERE?” and we both started cracking up because we both know whats its like to be at the top of the food chain locally in pool… everyone hates you…USUALLY…to your face or behind your back…and its not cuz your a bad guy…. its because they are JEALOUS and ENVIOUS…and they wish it was THEM winning all the time…not you. So they hate you. and that is a FACT in the game of pool. More so than I think anything else…because so much of the winning has to do with actual MONEY MATCHES….where your beating people directly out of their pocket money…. if life were all just tournaments…..it probably wouldnt be so bad. I would hope anyways.

But back to this introduction… I have lived all over the country and in each city…I was either THE BEST, MOST DOMINANT local player the city had…or….the only people better than me were the REAL PROFESSIONALS or the top road players..(players who lived off of gambling…not professional tournaments…but they play just as good….if not better …than the PROS.) So…being that dude… I got cheated a lot….people tried to fight me a lot… got threatened by my prowess a lot….and had to find some way to keep me from winning…without beating me. So they would start a problem….and then..since im the new guy…everyone would take the side of the local….and I would get a bad rep. for always causing trouble.. when in fact….it was the OTHER GUYS who were about to LOOSE that caused the trouble…I was just the NEW GUY…so everyone was happy to see me get thrown out. hell that means they could win again! lol so now—-12 years later.. ive grown into my skin you could say….and i’m here to tell the world who I am….and how I play. AND I PLAY F#*&$*#& GOOD. SCARY GOOD SOMETIMES. LIKE… ” AMAZE MYSELF” GOOD. now…do I do it all the time? no. I never know when its gunna come.. do I loose? yes. but very seldom…. I have a 85% lifetime winning percentage or higher…. especially in the last 3 years…. its gotta be around 89% its pretty crazy. Now remember…..I’m not playing in Pro events. and I do know I have a LOOOONG WAY to go to be a Mika or a Shane Van Boening or a Dennis Hatch or a Johnny Archer. Every time I play a top PROFESSIONAL I shake like a leaf in a windstorm and cant make a ball….lmao. But you know what? I got the talent for it. all i’m missing is the opportunities to play them all the time and the comfort of doing so. That’s another reason I am doing this blog… is so anyone out there who wants a horse in the race of PROFESSIONAL BILLIARDS AND BIG MONEY POOL GAMBLING ….I’m a good horse. Ill never dump ya…I play with more heart than Rocky Balboa…and I am a VERY ENTERTAINING EXCITING PLAYER TO WATCH…..to say the least. So if you got heart and love pool and would like a player to represent you…your product…or your company… PUT ME IN COACH!.. I’M READY TO PLAY> TODAY-YAY… lol (incidentally I helped Tony Hargain build up Hustilin USA clothing for years before he screwed me over once he got into Mueller Catalog. i sold more clothes for him than ANYONE…..and he shit on me after I moved to Sacramento to be his right hand man for his company. you know what the worst thing about people who don’t need you anymore….after you helped them get to where they are super successful? They don’t need you anymore.. THAT’S the worst thing… lol) and that’s what happened to me. but i SOLD THOSE CLOTHES TO EVERYONE.. GRANDMAS…BABIES…STRIPPERS…KIDS AT THE SKATE PARK .. EVERY JOE SHMOE AND PLAIN JANE I MET. and do you know why? because I got charisma. and charisma is what you need to make it in this world. with charisma….you can sell ice to an Eskimo ….and water to a fish. the product means nothing. YOU are the product. and most of them.. didn’t even see me play pool. The just knew I had an engaging personality.. I up-sold the product naturally and –I LOOKED GOOD IN IT. and that’s all it takes to rep a product. Top Level performance is just an added BONUS. and I got that too.

So yeah….back to this getting screwed if your too good thing… I got screwed and black sheeped EVERYWHERE I WENT when I was young. EVERYWHERE!! so what I did….after a while…I got pissed of having no record of what happened when the bad things hapend …other than other peoples lies…and my girlfriend…(whoever she happened to be at the time) or my boy to tell the truth. So I started the WEBPAGE http://www.wherethebuffaloroam.info NOW….people started reading the stories…..and they started asking me if they were real. “OF COURSE THEY ARE REAL FOOL!” I would tell them…so people started saying… “man….you should have your own reality show!!! this shit is AMAZING!!! I like reading you blog more than I do like reading Billiard Digest or watching TV!! You write like your a Novel Author!” so….after a year or so of hearing that over and over again….I went to Hollywood to get a reality show….AND I ALMOST HAD IT!! but me and the chick I was working with had a falling out over her boyfriend…. long story…but lets just say….they put me in the middle of their relationship….and I got the ass end of it. and from there it was like that Billy Joel song…”Bye Bye to Hollywood” and here I am….4 years later….back to a blog. lmao. “and ye shall come full circle…before you leave this place” lol ain’t that the truth. So there’s a lot of blatant lies about me all over the place…but I assure you…98% of everything you hear..unless its I play great pool…are lies…bald faced lies or half truths exaggerated into things that never happened at all. If you know anything about pool players ..they love to tell stories. and if you know anything about people…they love to gossip, talk shit..and hate. So you put those 2 categories together…and you got ” THE BILLIARDS JERRY SPRINGER SHOW” and i’m the main topic many times. lol it is what it is…. I used to let it bother me….now I just laugh it of….cuz I have amazing performances daily…all over the place….so I figure….once a million people see it…they cant stay in denial forever. so I LOVE MY HATERS……THEY MAKE ME FAMOUS!

So I guess this would be a good place my resume and my goals in pool and life… since this is my first post…and it is an introduction to me. So here we go..

well start young…..

8th grade – Best Male Artist- Heim Middle School

-14 years old….taking college art classes at University of Buffalo

graduated from Williamsville South in 97 when I was 17.

started college that summer—immediately…for Culinary Arts and a minor in English Honors – when I was still 17.

-classically trained in Culinary Arts (French and American and 5 star cuisine)

-best writer in my Honors English Classes —-hands down. Go ask Bill Schue—he was my professor and still teaches at Erie Community College City Campus. Hell tel you till this day wht he thought of my writings.. he said I should have been an Author….not a Chef. but I smoked a lot of pot back then….and I was always hungry…so it was a hard sell at that time. (now…being drug and alcohol free….I think he was right. less stress…less hours..less bullshit. Being an Author is the way to go….if you can make it. He thought I would at the time… but well never know now will we. lol

-I am the Grandfather of Aggressive Rollerblading in Western NY… I was the first….the best…and the most progressive skater around… I was everyone Idol….and I pushed and innovated the art form independently from the skate scenes that were going on in Cali and NYC. I WAS the skate scene here… and as soon as a new trick came out…I was the first to learn it….and when we got good enough to skate rails..I skated the biggest ones… and raised the bar on everyone’s skating around me. this is not an exaggeration ..or an ego thing. this is a stone cold fact. and i’m proud of it. and I still skate today.

– at one time I was ranked 89th in AZ billiards players from all over the world. maybe this was a glitch in the system….but I know for a week there I got more phone calls than 911 dispatch alerting me to the fact..so I know it was true. I seen it with my own eyes. just don’t know how I got there is all….but I don’t pay attention to how people are ranked.. I rank myself like this.. “did I win money today??? YES? OK, then….you did your job. DID YOU LOOSE MONEY TODAY!??! YES? OK, then…you got homework to do kid.. study more.. cuz yur not going to keep your job playing like this.” rankings never meant anything to me… paying my bills and winning whatever I was doing did.. but it sure seemed to mean a lot to the people who saw me at 89 that year…lol I guess being in the top 100 in the world is not that easy. hell I did it without even knowing what I was doing. imagine if I had a GOAL to move up in the rankings.. NOW THAT’S WHAT IM SAYIN’!!! muahhahahhahaahhhh….lol\

-I got 13th in the Bank Pool tournament at Derby City in 2010—-2 months after I got Bells Palsy and thought I had a stroke. lol seems Bells Palsy helps your pool game..(but not your female game) and since then my game has taken leaps and bounds. who the hell knows why… my face still ain’t right. but my pocket is better off than it ever was… I promise you that…lol

-I won the first FAST EDDIES TOUR event I ever played in in San Antonio Texas

-I have won thousands of local events in my lifetime.. hell…I couldn’t count all the weekly and monthly tournaments iv’e won in the past 12 years. and iv’e made more than $500,000 total revenue in my pool career. now remember…we are not accounting for the losses and expenses too… its not like I won 500,000 at once. I’m talking over 12 years….on the daily grind. the most I ever won at one time was $8850 ….and it was at a house game…the guy wouldn’t let me leave till he said quit. 2 days later…he said quit. I followed him to the bank…and he gave me an envelope. 2 thousand dollars of it were in 1 dollar bills. me and my girl sat and counted them ho’s to make sure it wasn’t a dollar short. and it wasnt. he just wanted me to count it. lol that was a funny 2 days. That was when I was living in Las Vegas.

-in every city ive ever lived in….accept NYC and Atlanta…I was the MOST DOMINANT LOCAL NON PRO PLAYER in the city. EVERY WHERE..I played the same roll. as I do here in Buffalo Ny…as I sit writing this blog. with all the great players we have here..the only one better than me is Dennis Hatch.. and hes like my big brother…and I just told him the other day…”im coming up fast brother….watch for it” hes one of the most talented players to ever live. I got mad love and respect for D. Thats my Nigga. (“not NIGGER—-NIGGA”—go watch Pool Hall Junkies before everyone starts flipping out that I used the N word in here.)

-I go on winning streaks of months at a time. what I mean about winning streaks is that I never have a loosing day for 2 or more months straight sometimes. now…I count the whole day and a day. in other words …if I play a tournament and loose….but then I get into action..and still come out in the green for the day….THAT’S a winning day for me. in other words…”at the end of the day…I’m a winner..with more money in my pocket than when I woke up.” that’s how I judge winning and loosing. hell…I might not even play pool….I might just bet on the right pool player that day. That’s still a winning day to me….and still part of the “winning streak”

-Nobody is in the red backing me. EVER. I rarely book losers and most people have backed me more than once so unless they just put me in 1 game and I lost…and they never put me back in…(maybe one or 2 people in my whole life fall into this category..and I couldn’t even tell you who they are) the rest of the people who bet on me….HAVE ALWAYS WON. NOBODY IN THE COUNTRY CAN SAY THEY BACKED ME AND I HAVEN’T MADE US MONEY…..OR I’M IN THE RED> now THAT’S a FACT. and…its a STRONG fact. ask around….see how many people can make that claim and have it be true. not many buddy …I promise you that.

lets see…so much more….but do I want to write it all right now. hmmm.

-I am told I am a very powerful INDIGO person. Don’t know what that is? I didn’t either. Google it. I’m not explaining it right now. Lets just say I’m different.. My energy and soul is different and I’m put here for a purpose. sounds crazy I know..I thought so too…but now I’m not so sure. The jury is still out on that one..

-no kids

-almost married twice

-bad at choosing good women. I think I need to get a Bride Catalog and order me the special sometimes cuz I just keep picking the wrong ones…. not that I’m perfect or anything—far from it, but…I’m one of the best men I’ve ever seen when it comes to how to treat a woman and make her feel and keep her happy and interested and grow as a couple. women these days seem to be just shot.. like they act more like scumbag men then they do a good woman. I don’t know…maybe it is me… but I don’t really think so… women aren’t like they used to be.. They are more materialistic and hard and quick to eat you up and spit you out for someone with more money or blah blah blah. There’s no real loyalty in anyone anymore. And I’m not just saying women…but since I’m a heterosexual im talking about women since I’m talking about my relationship with them. I’m just a good man with a lot of talent who wants a good woman who has a lot of talent and drive and knows how to build a team and form a union so we can grow and form a dynasty together. is that too much to ask ladies?? lol

-so I already said how much I live to cook…like 5 star 5 course meals ….than may be made at like 3 am in the morning…if that’s when I’m hungry. Anything I cook….I go off. stone cold off.. cuz cooking …like pool and rollerblading…is an art form. And I love to create…wherever II am. so ya. That’s how I cook.

-oh yeah…I’m 33 years old. Born August 29th 1979 at 3:15 am I was born on Michael Jackson’s Birthday. Not that that means anything….but it means something to me. Me and Mike have the same happiest day of the year together.. RIP Mike….. you were one in a million. nobody will ever replace…or even BEGIN to get close to what you and your music did to help this world. God Bless you man. fur sure.

um…. I love to paint and sculpt and draw….I write poetry…hip hop…rhymes… I love all music… from classical to soul to rock to hip hop (80’s-90’s hip hop though…..this new shit SUUUUUUUCKS!!!) to jazz to …whatever. I love it all. Good music is good music. Just like good pool…it just cant be denied.

And I think that’s abut it for now. Hows that for a first entry. A little longer than I thought but….I had a lot to say to introduce myself I guess.

oh yeah!!!!

I GOT A YOUTUBE PAGE!!! Go search for Jason Christopher Buffalo Hunt on YOUTUBE and you can see all my videos.

I guess that’s all for now. Time to got to the office…(the poolroom—the Hippodrome Billiard Academy—oldest billiard academy in the USA as a matter of fact.) So….hope you guys enjoyed this….and will come back to read the stories ill be posting. I’ll do my best to keep them up as much as possible.. like I said…this was done off of HIGH DEMAND BY THE PUBLIC! Cant let my public down now can we…?

Hell No we can’t!

So with that…I bid you all ADUEX..


Jason “Buffalo” Hunt

aka “Quick”

aka “The Huntsman”


Till the 2nd Post…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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