O.k. So one thing I’ve learned about myself is that when it comes time to play a World Class player….I shake. And not a normal shake…I mean..My arm does not even move forward…it moves every wich way but straight ahead. lol. It’s so retarded that it actually makes me laugh. A perfect example is when I played my first Pro Event at Valley Forge 2 years ago. I won my first match playing some pro player from some spanish country. I dont remember the player…and I dont remember the country. lol. He had me 5-2 and I came back and beat him 9 or 10 -7. Whatever the race was….again I dont remember. It was the 10 ball pro event. $500 entry. 9 ft tables. So next opponent was Mika Immomen. Now I know Mika. Not that we are friends or anything….but we are not not friends and we both know who each other are and ive actually gambled with him before. He gave me 12-8 playing ten ball and I lost hill-hill. There’s actually a very funny story about that…but I’ll save that for another post. So I get up there…and I just PLAY HORRIBLE!!! lmao. I totally fall apart. It was so ambarassing that I just had to start laughing at myself to keep me from having a nervous breakdown! lol. Totally a horrible thing. and everyone was watching me cuz I had just came off that great win first match and people were taking notice as to who I was. Lots of people came up to me after winning that first match and congratulated me and asked who I was and how they were looking forward to watching my next match and seeing me play again and how excited I was to watch play. I actually even signed a couple autographs on shirts and cases during that tournament…lol. Felt pretty cool.

But back to my point. I get really nervous. Maybe it’s because I know how I can play….but everyone tells me I am no where near the top pros caliber…and its in my head that they are right. Maybe I am just not comfortable in that arena with the best in the world….cuz they do this all the time…and im lucky if I get into a spot like this once a year. Maybe it’s all the people wo give me so many compliments and then I know all the lies people spread over the internet and its a huge contrast in emotions and realities that makes me shake cuz ever shot…these things are going through my head. Who knows…it might be a combination of all of them. Reguardless of the reasons…the outcome is the same. I get nervous…and my arm shakes. So I gotta find a remedy for that.

So now that I’m getting better at One Pocket, (its actually become my favorite game now. Im totally convinved its the best pool game out there…along with Straight Pool) and I’ve been making some consistan money on a regular playing in this unbelievably nitty and hater filled city (my success in this game in this city is TOTALLY UNIMAGINABLE! If anyone else would have to do the things I do to get a game….and WIN…you guys might check yourself into the Loony Bin and give yourself permanent residency. lol. Now I know how Crazy Jerry Macamore felt….and why he did just that. (Now THERE was a player….ask about stories about Buffalo Jerry…. he TRUELY was a pool savant…and one of the greatest players to ever live.. For the MONEY. and you can bet that.) So now I got some expendable income…all my bills are paid…and I am doing pretty well for myslef in the nittiest city in the world. So I figure…”Man…I gotta get myself used to playing these world class players!” So what do I do? I call up my homeboy Dennis “The Hatchet” Hatch….VIP at the Mosconi Cup a few years ago…and one of the most feared money players in the world…so come play me some even One Pocket. “$10 a game baby….come get you some!”

So Dennis comes down….and I borrow this guys cue since I play really well with it. Much better than the one Im playing with fur sure. Its a very old Heubler and it just hits amazing…and its all tulip woor with points….but the finish is all off of it. Im trying to buy it off the guy but as soon as I wanted the cue….(he doesnt even use it…) now….he likes it…and it trying to hold onto it. lol aint that a bitch?! but anyways… we get to playing…and you know what? He won the first game…I won the second game. He won the 3rd game….I won the 4th game. lol And EVERYONE IS CROWDING AROUND. People are coming in the doors…pulling up chairs…and the next thing you know…we got 35 people watching us play. And they are all rooting for Dennis…lol. I run 8 and out from nowhere 3 times….. nobody clapped or cheered except June Bug…(an old black guy who loves watching me play) when Dennis would capitalize on my mistakes and run 5 or 6 and out…everyone would clap and cheer. lol. This guy Tommy had his camera out…and was only taking pictures of Dennis. lol. I told him, when I noticed that he never put the camera to his eye when I was at the table..”Hey Tommy…now make sure you dont take a picture of me now. That looks like a “Professional” camera….we wouldnt want any “Ameteurs” in its memory banks….” He nervously laughed back cuz I called him out on it but it was true. Even though we were going back and forth…trading racks and my outs were WAY more spectacular than his… people couldnt STAND that he wasnt running over me. And I honestly think Tommy brought out the camera to make me even more nervous…maybe not…but maybe so. I’ll never know.

So yeah….after 2.5 hours….Dennis finally broke the 2 game mark….and then went to 3….and then back down to 2….and then to 3. He had to go eat dinner with his girl but I am very happy with my performance for the day. I played some great pool…and I must admit Dennis probably diddnt play his top game…but he doesnt play really unless he’s at a big tournament so hes never really in stroke. One thing he did say was…”theres nobody id rather be working out with than Jason” (he told a spectator) “his game has really improved….im very impressed. And im not impressed by many people—I promise you that.” That made me feel good….cuz even though Dennis is my homeboy, he’ll be the first person to tell you your game ain’t shit. lol. And that’s why I love him cuz he’s just like me. He keeps it real. Like it or not….he’ll tell ya the truth. And those are the people I like. And thats why you dont see me around too many people. Cuz they are all fake.

So….The Buffalo is still alive. I survived The Hatchet, and diddnt even loose a finger in the scuffle. Just a few scrapes and bruises…but I walked away from the fight with Goliath with my head held high….my pocket barely hurt…and I let all those people know who pulled up chairs to see a bloody massacre…Its tough to kill a Buffalo. They have no natural predators other than MAN. Thats why the Indians had so much respect for them. Fuck around too much….and youll get a big ol’ hoof or horn in your ass.

The Stampeede is coming..

Watch for it.

One Love.


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