If you wanna be a STRAIGHT SHOOTER in pool….and in LIFE….you gotta stay focused.  And BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. AND TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THINGS….GOOD AND BAD.  Know what you are doing is right….and believe that if executed correctly….it will bring success.

      Now that’s not to say that it will….unfortunately.  Because sometimes you miss.   But thats just an outcome of doing the right thing. (which is take the right shot with all the conviction and determination that you can muster.  aka…GIVING IT YOUR ALL.)  Not all good things come from doing the right thing.   Sometimes the people who save someone from a dying building or from drowning….are the ones who sacrifice their life for doing the right thing.   Christ gave his life for doing the right thing. Along with  Horus from Ancient Egypt and the other Profits that lives have followed the same basic experiences.   Martin Luther King, Gandhi, JFK, and many, many more.             Now those are the extreme circumstances…but im trying to give you the most extreme examples to show you that YOUR results….if they are not what you think they should have been…for doing the right thing…are NOTHING compared to these people…..who did the right thing….no matter what the circumstances.  

        I have lived a life surviving on being a consistent winner…and paid a huge price for it many times.   The more I won….the more people made it harder for me to win.   WAS THAT FAIR??     Fuck no it wasnt.   Was it right?    Fuck no it wasnt.  Was it the outcome I thought would happen for winning??   Absolutely not.   BUT…I was doing what I was there to do…     I was there to win the tournament….or the set for the cash I bet.    That was my job.   I was just working as hard as I could.    Now many times….GOOD THINGS DID HAPPEN!   I won the tournament and I got paid no problem…sometimes with a “Congratulations great shooting” and a hand shake with an invite back.     Sometimes I had amazing people introduced into my life-like BLAQUE, the manager of the Yin Yang Twins who I became good friends with and D ROC from the Ying Yang Twins…   or TOM TOM the Manager of Chuck “The Ice Man” Lidell (who at that time was the World Heavyweight Champion of MMA) and was invited to his wedding in Maui—-all expenses paid. (I never ended up going to that to prove to my girl at the time that I wasnt going to meet girls in an exotic island…lmao…..what an idiot I was..   but again…..I felt I was doing the right thing so I didnt hurt the woman I loved.  In hind sight I certainly should have gone…smh)     I—-no matter what people tried to do to hold me down….kept playing.  Never let them keep me from showing up at the tournaments….even when they made my spot so high it was basically a donation of my money..(and even THEN sometimes I have snapped them off…lol)     But I always did what I knew in my heart was right for me.   And after 13 years in this game for REAL…things are really starting to turn around.   I have been made a featured writer in  (an online magazine composed of some of the most talented writers and information in the pool community with the conglomerate goal of changing pool for the better…to bring all the players together and to make it so players can make a better living for themselves. The official release date is 9/1/13 and I highly recommend you go read it…   and I promise you this….it is only going to get bigger and better.    My section is at the end of the magazine—-and it is called “BUFFALO UNLEASHED”     I am very excited for this new chapter in my life and I look forward to doing my part in making pool a better thing for everyone…all over the world.   Thats my goal of having this piece….and im very grateful and humbled to be given this chance.   Thank you with all my heart to Garret Thomas and Suzanne Osborne Smith..aka  “S.O.S”  who have gotten to know me and followed my amazing life in this game and felt I would be a unique and welcome addition to the Sneaky Pete Mafia Family.  Suzanne also has a “Life Blog” like me as well as a “FAN” page on facebook so check her out and support her as well!!

      It’s a god send for what you guys are trying to do for the game….and its people…and im honored and humbled to be involved in such an intimate way.

          I was taught a long time ago by my Father….Kevin Robert Hunt….who is quite an amazing man….and by my Grandfather Jack William Hunt who was one of the most famous Supreme Court Reporters in the United States that if your word is not worth anything….then YOU are not worth anything…no matter what you have physically attained in your life.   Material things mean nothing if your word is just a bunch of lies and deceptions to attain those possessions.  So I have always lived my life in pool that way…   I never dumped anyone….I never cheated….I never made moves on people….and I always played my heart out…and was honest to myself about how I played.   When I played bad…..I was honest with myself and thought about what I had to work on.   And when I played like GOD….I would rejoice and be proud of myself.  Even when I played bad and I won and everyone would rejoice in me….I wasnt all that happy..   I felt like I diddnt win….he lost.   I could have easily been on the losing side if my opponent didnt screw up.  and when I lose….and I out play the guy…I look at that also.    Sometimes you can play better…but your opponent gets super lucky….and at the right times….   So you lose.   but you didnt deserve to lose.   and you can be mad….but not mad at yourself.   lol    Just get mad at the POOL GODS. I think those have been the biggest rivals in my life….THE POOL GODS>>..lmao.    my true NEMESIS’s….

Also…I have recently been contacted to be a part of a REALITY SHOW that is EXACTLY what I WANTED MY REALITY SHOW TO BE!!!    What its like to play pool for a living when your NOT a Professional…with sponsors and support by poolrooms and rich familys…or rich significant others..      So im EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT THAT!!!   And the funny thing about that whole situation is…the producer put out an OPEN ROLL CALL in AZBILLIARDS….and I had no clue about it.   My friend Brent Thomas from Houston Texas wrote back to him and mentioned my name in a small list of names he recommended.    From there….there became a big buz and  I was contacted by Marty Herman.   Marty invited me on his “SHOW” (which is really only him and his pool table doing goofy things and telling goofy stories on a live stream over the internet…   I never really knew who the guy was.. lol  )    So Marty contacts me and tells me HES THE MAIN GUY TO GO THROUGH AND WITHOUT HIM IL NEVER get on the Reality Show!!    (a complete lie)   and of course I don’t know any better….so I believe him.   THEN….he starts acting crazy on the show while the producer is on and telling the producer his ideas are all wrong and hell never make it and all this negative stuff!!!   lmao!    So I email the producer and tell him who I am and to contact me immediately so I can avoid losing an opportunity if Marty’s the main guy in this process and he’s about to sabotage himself!!!!!  lol     So the Producer gets back to me…..lets me know Marty has NOTHING to do with the show….and after a 2 hour-long conversation….he tells me that “I’m exactly what he’s looking for in his show..” and “how would you feel about being the MAIN CHARACTER on the show?”    

          So now….THAT is in the process of being produced.  And this producer is really the REAL DEAL (not like these other retards out here who have CLAIMED to be doing s show of some sort..) and he really has the right idea about how the show should be….which again….is almost EXACTLY how I wanted MY show to be that I was in LA pushing for back in 2008-9.   So I have a really good feeling about this show going through…   and I have been told by almost EVERYONE in the pool world that if I am on the show….due to my personality and my unbelievable shot making capability and EVERYONE LOVES WATCHING ME PLAY…the fact im NOT a World Champion..I may lose…that I have MANY other talents such as high level aggressive rollerblading, 5 star culinary skills, high level art skills and the fact that everyone knew I WAS THE FIRST ONE TRYING TO GET A REAL REALITY SHOW ABOUT THE LIFE OF A POOL PLAYER….plus I have a very entertaining personality as I play and have a natural “SHOWMANSHIP” that’s just natural…that just me alone being on the show will make it an instant hit and EVERYONE in the pool world..which is 45 million people in the United States alone…will watch.  Now this is a very humbling thing for so many people to say to me but..I honestly believe it is true….which is why I wanted to get my own show.   So maybe this is even better!!!

      Say a prayer it all goes through because I can promise you this…..with me on the show….WE ARE ALL ON THE SHOW…meaning….I will do everything I can to make the show blow up and make pool a thousand times better for everyone in pool. From the Bar players to the World Champions.  

And THAT’S Straight shooting.

       I have recently been officially sponsored by Zimmerman Cues and have signed a contract to be a “Player /Rep”.   So if you guys want a great cue for a great price get a hold of Michael Zimmerman on Facebook or at

He does amazing work…..hes a relativity new cue maker but his work is impeccable…his cues hit like GOD and his prices are so good….that youll want to buy more than one cue… when he truly blows up….and his cues sky-rocket in value..that youll have REALLY made a good investment.   I am getting 2 of them myself.   So im not just telling you guys out there and not doing this myself. He’s also a great guy….so I like to support the good people in the game….there arent enuf of them out there willing to really support the players. Cuz that’s what this game is all about. THE PLAYERS> without the players….there is no Billiard industry. and you can bet your life on that.
He’s a STRAIGHT SHOOTER for sure! And I am proud to have him as my CUE SPONSOR.
The reason I wrote this entry….is that so much has come to fruition for me in these past months….that its pretty over whelming. And it is all happening….while I play THE LEAST AMOUNT OF POOL in my life in the last 12 years due to my current situation. BUT….it is happening because I have always been a STRAIGHT SHOOTER. I have always told the truth about my life and my dealings in pool. I have always been a STRAIGHT SHOOTER with my backers….never dumping them. I have always been a STRAIGHT SHOOTER with the companies I have represented and helped blow them up into WORLD WIDE RECOGNIZED companies…even though they have screwed me over..(Hustlin USA Clothing was the main one im referring to) and I have always been s STRAIGHT SHOOTER to myself..believing in my character, potential and opportunity to make a difference through my life…my talent and my vision for how pool SHOULD BE….and ONCE WAS.
People in the game have ruined the game. It’s not the games fault. Clicks….alliances…..swindlers….robbers….liars…..false profits….and Monopolizers have truly dragged this games into the Douldrums….making it a SHADOW to say the least…..of its Glorious History in American Culture. I am doing my best to try to open the Publics eyes as to why this is… and the thing is….there are so many people making a profit off of keeping the wool pulled over our eyes…..that its going to be hard to change things if we don’t all pull together and blow the whistle on the things that are going on.
Its and amazing sport…game…artform…..and theres 45 million people in the US alone who play it….so dont tell me there is no money in it. THERES AT LEAST A BILLION DOLLARS IN POOL AND ITS COMPONENTS!!!!!
And us as the players….are getting robbed and raped out of it all….bent over the table and FUCKED REALLY GOOD…..and we never even get a kiss..
Personally…I like kissing while im getting fucked… so Pucker up people…..
and watch out for the STRAIGHT SHOOTER!

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