Ok so here’s a story that has been witnessed by about 30 people….but somehow… quiet is kept about the truth. So listen up….and listen well. It may be a long one….so go make yourself some hot tea….or hot cocoa…..or even get yourself a Guiness or a bottle of Scotch… (It is St Patty’s Day weekend so make it an Irish drink) cuz this is going to take some time to read. But, like life…the best things take the most time. And this one is going to be as maticulous as I can get it. Cuz I want to get the whole thing in.

This is the story of how I got banned from all the Fast Eddies Pool rooms in San Antonio. I have heard so many roumors about this actuality that it makes me laugh out loud so here it is…in its totality. At the point in time that this story takes place…I am probably playing the best pool of my life so far, and certainly in San Antonio. Atleast…lets say….at this point of my stay in the city of San Antonio, I was at the top of my game for that period of time. Now I sometimes have a hard time recollecting all the correct orders of things in my past. My past is so vast that things get jumbled up when it comes to putting them in perfect chronological order..so I dont know if this took place before, or after, I had won my 3 championships for B.A.L.S.A (San Antonio’s prestigious pool money league) or during those wins. (and my bar owner sold my championship gold ring on me so I have nothing to show for it…how ya like that? but thats another story all together…) In other words..I may have had 2 or 3 championships at this time under my belt….but I certainly had 1, cuz I won my first championship my first season. And this was certainly after my first season.

So….I am playing some of the best pool of my life and the Final Finale of the year for the Fast Eddies Tour came to town. I had actually won my first and only Fast Eddies Tournament I played in for like 6 or 700 bucks when I first moved to town, but everyone said it was the lightest field they EVER had and the SHORTEST payout EVER, so everyone said I lucked out in winning it. I have no clue whether that informantion was accurate, for at that time, I knew NOBODY and to me…..it was just a tournament. But whatever. Honestly back then I had no clue about how strong those events were, nor who I was playing at the time. But I can tell you this.. I will agree that none of the top texas players were in that event I won….so Ill give the haters that..who say it was a fluke I won…and that there was nobody there. But.. I still won. lol So eat a dick. lol Anyways….here is the FINALE!! It has Sylver Ochoa, Charlie “Hillbillie” Bryant, Frank Jr., Shane Manole, (I cant remember if Brandon Shuff was in town at the time….I really dont think he was in it), Renny Rendon, and some other top players….I cant remember them all. So anyways… like I said I was playing very very well at the time….and I was winning my matches by landslides. I think the races were to 9 on the winners side and 7 on the loosers side and I was winning like 9-2, 9-4, 9-5, 9-1. I was playing GREAT to say the least. The other players who were of top pro caliber were actually struggling but still squeeking by. I remember Hillbill almost had a first round upset, along with a few other top players, but I think Sylver was playing the best out of all of them. But still, nobody was winning by the margin that I was. I was playing pretty close to perfect, and I made it to the second day undefeated.

Now after the main event ended….and everyone was scheduled to come back for the second day, they had their regular saturday night local 9 ball tournament and it was a big one this time, due to the amount of players in town for the Finale of the Fast Eddies Event. And again…..I am playing great and was sitting one match before the hotseat in THAT tournament (undefeated again) and first place in that one was $250. First place in the Championship Fast Eddies Tournament was like 2 grand or more. I cant remember what is was….but I know it was a big one. Maybe more like 3 grand. Whatever it was…..it was big.

But I gotta rewind a sec here. After I won all my matches and got to the second day, I was sitting talking to Shane Manole about my x girl Marielle who I was with in Vegas. Now Shane and I have known eachother since my Vegas Days and he knew my x cuz I was with her at the time we first met and whenever Shane would go broke I would take care of him….giving him money or giving him a place to crash if he needed it. I was always taking care of poolplayers who went bad in Vegas cuz at the time, I was the man there and had money and a nice place and a great relationship and I knew what it was to be fucked up playing pool….so i helped everyone out I could. I was like the Jesus Christ of Vegas….always saving someone. lol no joke. I helped a lot of pool players out in those 4 years.

So me and Shane were talking and for some crazy reason out of NOWHERE this chick Evette Reyes RUNS OVER from across the room and just starts SCREAMING in my face about how I ant shit and how im a piece of shit and how I cant play and all this crazy stuff. It was really bizzare actually….and I found out later that she was friends with all these pros from Houston and she diddnt want me winning the tournament cuz everyone was talking about how good I was playing, so she did that to get me into an arguement and get me thrown out so I couldnt win.

So ANYWAY….she started flipping out on me and knowing me of course I dont care who it is if you get in my face and start yelling Im going to stand up for myself and my respect so we start yelling at each other and then she starts trying to FIGHT ME!!! lol. So this huge fiasco go on and we get broken up….and I am totally taken aback by what had just happened out of the blue. Remember….I diddnt know she was doing this on purpose to get me thrown out. I just thought she was some crazy drunk bitch. (whish she was but I found this out later). But it was all premeditated. We’ll get to that.

So…. now back to the sat night weekly tournament that I was one match before the hot seat in. And first place was $250. The person who was running the tournament was the local manager or bartender…I dont know what title she held but she worked for the establishment. The tournament was written on a piece of paper like it was every week and done off a clipboard….like many local weekly events are. Meaning….it wasnt up on a big board like the Championship was…..so the matches werent as public or visible. All I knew at the time was….I was waiting for a match and I had a long way to wait..(my matches usually go pretty quick..)..plus…if I won that next match…I was playing for the hot seat. So during this wait…..these guys started barking at me to play Renne Rendon. Like I said Christian Daniels agreed to put me in and we posted up 2 races to 4 8 ball BCA rules during my wait for my next match. I broke and ran the first 2 games and still ended up losing both sets. lol For anyone who doesnt know….Renne is a great player. But again….we knew that going in. So I go over to the woman who is running the tournament and I ask her when I’m playing again. She replied “I dont know….I gave the tournament over to Evette”. My heart stopped. “EVETTE!!!” I replied as a chill of fear shot through my spine. “what do you MEAN!?!” I already had a feeling of being screwed and the realization of it’s reality set in. So I go over to Evette and I said very calmly and politely. “Who am I waiting on Evette?” and she looks at me with this huge shit eating grin and says “you forfieted. Your not waiting on anyone” I just lost it. “WHAT THE FUCK YOU MEAN I FORFIETED?!?!?!? I HAVNT LOST ONCE YET!!!!” and she said again with a huge teethy grin….” I called your name….you never replied. So I forfieted you.” I was LIVID!!! “IVE BEEN PLAYING RIGHT HERE THE WHOLE TIME!!!” (and the table we were gambling on was the TABLE RIGHT UP FRONT!! THE MAIN TABLE!!! lol) “what about my losers side match??!?!” Again…she smiled…all toothy and slyly. “you forfieted that too…..sorry. pay more attention next time.”

Ladies and Gentleman…..I just lost it. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!” and I went over to the manager who gave her the sheet. Now little did I know…..her and Evette had been friends for years. lol nice right? you know what she told me? “whatever Evette did….it stands. Sorry. Nothing I can do.” So now im FURIOUS!!!!! And im cussing out Evette….and her new husband at the time….just stood there cuz he knew she has been out of line the WHOLE TIME. I have a lot of respect for that guy. He knew his psycho wife was out of line…and he never got mad at me for acting the way I did cuz he knew I was right. To this day….i’ll always give him props for that. But anyways…..this incident escalated to the point where she was trying to physically fight me and threatening me and taunting me to hit her…..and how she will beat my ass ….lmao! So of course…what happens?!?!? I GET THROWN OUT!! and not only do I get thrown out of the room for that night…I get thrown out of ALL THE FAST EDDIES IN SAN ANTONIO!!! lmao!! can you believe that shit!!! I can’t come back on Sunday to try and win the event, (luckily they did give me the $100 I was guaranteed for making it to the next day), I get fucked out of the local event I was favorite to win that saturday night for $250 AND I am not allowed in the rest of the San Antonio Fast Eddies joints so I cant win all the weeklys like I had been doing on a weekly basis. That alone right there was worth $500 a week to me. Thats like getting fired from a full time job!!!! PLUS!!! my reputation is again hurt!!!

Now I diddnt know this at the time….but Evette had lived in S.A. for years and knew everyone there. She was one of the best female players PLUS she was a very ….um ….flirtatious woman in the pool scene to say the least. I’ll just leave it at that….but you know what I mean. I could REALLY throw her under the bus right here but I wont….but really she deserves it for what she did to me. But im not one to ruin peoples lives. Even when thats what they try and do to me. Im a firm believer in “GOD SEES WHAT YOU DO AND WILL PUNISH YOU WHEN HE SEES FIT” but yeah…. tuns out she was really in good with those people at Fast Eddies…..so I totally got screwed. Till this day I will never forgive that woman for what she did to me for no reason. It turn out….it was purposely orchestrated to get me into a huge arguement and start a comotion so I would get thrown out and so her PRO freinds from Houston could win. SO FUCKING PATHETIC! There was lots of talk about how I was playing great (which I was) and people were telling me I could win it if I kept up my pace….cuz everyone else was struggling (meaning the Pros). So it was a dirty plot and ploy to get me eliminated from the race. And it did work. Ill give em that. Congrats for that. lol That was the only way TO keep me from winning the way I was playing…..runnning 3 and 4 packs EVERY SET I PLAYED!!!! ALL DAY LONG!!!

But yeah….. so theres the Fast Eddie Ban story… there were lots of witnesses… Christian Daniels will tell you the story….if he has the balls to… (lol I love you Christian! ) but thats EXACTLY how it happened. and how I got thrown out….and kept form winning ….THE FAST EDDIES CHAMPIONSHIP in San Antonio Texas.

One Love


So…I am one match before the hotseat in the local saturday night event and I had a long wait. So people came up to me and barked at me to play Renny Rendon some sets for some good money. Now my homeboy Christian Daniel loved my game and every time he backed me we won. Christian is the guy Brandon Shuff would live with when he was in San Antonio and has done a lot for Brandon for his carreer. Christian is one of the best guys I ever met, and we got along like 2 peas in a pod when we were together, plus, I always won for him when he put me in action. I dont know what it was……but some people just mesh. Christian and I are 2 of those people. So he puts me in 2 sets of 8 ball with Renne Rendon, knowing that Renny is a great player, and that I was the underdog. But I was playing so good at the time, and Christian has long money so we said “Fuck It” cuz Christian loves to watch me play and I haddnt booked a loser yet for him. We play 2 sets for $200

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