I met a person who has been a light worker for 30 years. A light seeker is a person who has been taught in the mystical ways of the outer realms of reality and has tapped into the greater good energy reather than the greater bad energy. basically….she is like the opposite of the high free masons…basically like a good SHRINER instead of an evil one. I met her at a coffee shop sitting just relaxing because being in Buffalo is very depressing cuz nobody plays me and I feel like im just not me if I cant play pool. I was sitting there and she sat down beside me at an adjacent table…while I was drining some chammomile tea..and just people watching…looking at all the busy bees….making all the honey for the world…for the bears to eat. She was a very interesting looking woman..very illuminus in her skin with gorgeous green eyes and very slight make up with a very attractive lip gloss and a subtle purple eyeshadow that really brought out her green eyes. They were some of the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen in my life..and I have seen a lot of womens eyes. I noticed her noticing me and she noticed me noticing her and she smiled and I smiled back. She initiated the conversation by sying what horrible weather weve been having and I agreed. She asked what type of coffe I was drinking and I tld her I wasnt a big coffe drinker..that I refered tea////and that this was chammomile. She too was a tea drinker she said…”its much more soothing to the mind and digestive track”. she said. So I go back to people watching and she goes back to her paper and doing things on her phone but she keeps looking over at me…those green eyes so piercing and amazingly engulfing…like there was a whole nother world behind those eyes.. She again initiates another conversation…asking me how she cant help but notice an energy about me as I sit there still and perceptive looking out the window doing nothing but drinking my tea. She tells me there is a very interesting energy comming from me….and she asked what it was that I do for a living. I told her “nothing right now….im stuck in Buffalo…but when im not..I play pool for a living.” “oooooh!” she says… “your a Hustler! like that movie with Paul Neuman! I love that movie! Jackie gleason was great in it!” Now the funny thing about “The Hustler” is that if you remember..Paul Neuman wanted to be the best. He wasnt a hustler….he was a player. Only in one scene…the scene when he got his thumbs broken…did he ever hustle. Fast Eddie Felson…wanted to be the best. And beat the best. Most people seem to let that slip by them…. but anyways.. I told her I wasnt a “hustler” I was a player…and I dont act like I cant play..and I play good players…and play in tournaments for my living. She became very interested in this and we conversed about my life for a while….she was very easy to talk to and very inviting and enguaging. Moreso than anyone I have met in a long time. She seemed almost heavenly…angelic in a way…not so unbelievably gorgeous..(certainly very attractive but not stunning…other than her eyes) yet she had a glow about her and a warm magnatism that was very powerfull…and I felt very comfortable speaking about my life with her for some reason. She somehow began to ask me if I ever was told anything about me by anyone that was out of the ordinary….like about my energy or my aura or anything like that. Now this was an odd question, yet not so odd since many times in my life…this weird shit has happened to me out of the blue, so this …was not so weird anymore. as weird as that may sound. lol. So I tole her yes I have…actually a few times in my life and in totally different places and curcumstances. I have been told I am a very powerfull INDIGO…and that I have an wxtremely powerfull aura…and that my natural talents are so great that demons work extra hard in my life to keep me down so I dont get into a postion of power to change and elevate through my goals and beliefs in so many things. She gave me a very big smile..and said…”So they have found you.” I laughed and said “yeah…” but only as a reflex…she was really seriousand I really felt uneasy in that statement…yet I knew it was true. and this shit was happenening again. She told me that I had an energy that was only radiated from people who have a very high mental self awareness…even if they dont quite understand their power yet. Its something that certain people are born with..and have to be groomed in..for the ways to reach its highest potentials…are not something that can ever be reached alone. they have to be taught…and you have to surround yourself with others like you..wich is hard to do…unless you actively seek them. But…she said…when one sees you…they will instantly recognize you…whether you know what you are or not…as she did…and thats what brought her to sit next to me. “I had no choice in the matter” she said.”its how it was meant to be.” Now whats funny was….when I met Alicia Ashley…the author of The Awakening at the Los Angeles Celestial Convention… she said the same thing almost. When I was standing next to her…and we had been noticing each other throught the whole convention.. (now imagine 20,000 people roaming around and me and Alicia make eye contact atleast 20 times throught the night) I was standing looking at a poster onthe wall and she stood kindof close to me….and was talking to a bunch of people. She had her back twards me and I guess she was moving back wards cuz she turned around…and ran right into me…spilling her purse. lol when I helped pick up her things…she said to me “I knew it! I knew I was supposed to meet you! your the only eyes I have been seeing the whole night!” we talked for a great while…and we told each other who we were…and she gave me the last copy of her book she had on her….signing it telling me to keep in touch.. wich I did for a lot of years…but I havnt spoke to her in about 4 years now. My point was….she said the same thing….how she was drawns to me…like she had no choice but to meet me. And shes a famous author. and im just a nobody pool player…who isnt even a professional. lol. things people say to me sometimes are mind boggling.. bet most of you out there would have a nervous breakdown if the things that have been told to me….were told to you… or else….you would think these people are stone cold crazy. If they werent such successfull and amazing people…I might think that to. but none of them have been just normal people…or bums…or losers. they have all been very successfull unique people who play unique rolls in this world. Not the worker bees pumping out honey like I was previously watching through The Spot Coffee windowpane. These people were not the Bears who eat the honey either.. They were the Bald Eagles….who soar high above everyone else…and who see things clearer from a mile up..than we could ever see from down here…where everything is so close. She asked me many things about my life..and hit almost all of them right on the head. She asked me if I had weird and unique people come into my life…both good and evil, (and I might not know the difference untill the end of my dealings with them) that have tried to persuade me to different paths in life. (and I have). she asked me if I am very naturally talented in many different areas of life…(art, music, writing, compassion, talking to people and soothing their soul) most of those….I said…yes. She asked me if life has taken me to many different places….even when they are not of my intentions to go in the beginning. To this I said yes…my life and new people are always bringing me to new places that I never planned to go..on the fly… she asked me if I feel like evil forces do their best to keep ma down and sabatage my life. ( now this was a very interesting question…because I swear to GOD I get sabataged and opportunities ruined ALL THE TIME…sometimes by people who are supposed to be my friends…Like Dennis hatch breaking my left pinly finger right before Valley Forge…and I played horrible in a tournament I was supposed to do realy well in. If not win.) I ased her…”how did you know that….and why do you say that?” and she said.. “a person with the talents and aura you have….is a threat to the evil in this world. Evil is a very real thing Jason. And it is much more active in this world than good. Demons are very real…and are very active. The know who the threats are…and work very hard to thwart the success of those individuals who aree very powerfull souls.” I asked her “what about angels?” She said the Angels are only here to protect us…they do not really influence us.. they are protectors..and look over us. Demons are very active….and possess many people…many times without them knowing it. Many people you may think are good people and may try to draw you into thier realm are really deamons luring you into a place where you can be harmed…and thwarted from reaching your success. the more powerfull you are in spirit and soul…the more these deamons seek you out and try to destroy you….which is why you need to meditate to build up powerfull forcefields of white light and positive energy to protect you from the deamons…and to give you warnings of them ….to let you see who they really are…so you can protect yourself. Now I have heard this stuff before….and sometimes in life….i try it. When i get super sabataged…like Evette Reyes did when I was about to win the Fast Eddies Championship in Dallas for $3500 or when I almost had my own reality show out in LA and the boyfriend of the girl I was working with cheated on her…and she mad eme tell her the truth when I was living with him…and she went back and told him…I told her…lol these are just a few examples..there have been many more but …those were big. Huge life swings for me.. and the sabatage came out of nowhere. I always knew they were demonic forces…its so constant….it has to be. it cant be coincidence over and over again. everytime something big is about to happen….I get sabataged. and not just a little…HUGE things happen…things I cant recoup from….or that effects me negatively over a long period of time. “you know playing pool is just a conduit which allows people to see that you are special that would bever be able to see your aura. Not everyone can e your aura Jason. But everyone can see you are different…and GOD makes sure of that. Im sure you have other talents that you could have made a living off of if you so choose to. You know these things I say are true in your heart…and I know you have been told these things before..even if you do not believe them…they are true. You are something different…yet there are many like you..we are just dispursed….and keep ourselves sheltered from the demons. We have to…they are great in numbers …and very dilligent in their work…as we have to be also” Now once again…..heres some random person telling me all this shit…and if I hadnt heard it a bunch of times before…and her eyes werent like a whole other world to look into…id have thought she was as looney as the warner brothers cartoons. but again…everything she said makes sense….and its pretty scary to me..cuz obviously….I havnt been doing a very good job at protecting myself from these demons. Somehoe….they have been winning in this battle.. and its very upsetting. Of course I asked her what was the best way to protect myself and set up this forcefield of protective good energy and she said the same thing everyone else who tells me this cooky shit says. “Meditation” “you need to meditate and concentrate on the love and the good and your goals in life…and how you need to put out LOVE into the universe….so that you can recieve love back. One of the ways the demonic forces work is that they harm your life…and make you angry…and that causes you to put out negative and angry vibes into the universal flow of energy that permeates us all. That negative energy…attracts negative energy…and it will come back to you..and thats what guves the demons strength. Love and postitivity is what hurts them….and even thought the angels do not manipulate humans like demons do….the angels are strengthened by our love and positivity…and the ones wathcing over you..will have more power to protect you. And best believe you have angels looking over you protecting you Jason. Nobody with an aura that powerfull…doesnt. Its a gift from GOD….and those gifts…GOD makes sure you are looked after. Im sure if you look at your life..there have been many circumstances….through your talent…that you could have been really put into a bad place….maybe even lost your life. An aura and talent that you have I can almost guarantee that this is a true statement is it not?” I agreed. “and yet here you sit…and here I am…drawn to you…and you look wonderfull to me. So always remember…you have some very powerfull angles on your side.. dont forget to thank them..and sned love and postivity to GOD and to them…to keep them strong. The demons have tons of negative energy to keep them strong….just look at the world…why do you thing they keep the world like it is? to keep the negative energy flowing strong… this helps the demons get stronger…and allows their influence on the humans to be greater than ever. than is why someone like you…who is so powerfull….needs to stay positive…and meditate often.and intensely with love and positivity It is our duty Jason…” My finger is really hurting form all this typing but I had to get this story out…because these things have happened to me probably about 8 or 9 times to me in life so far….and they are always super random times…and pretty profound experiences for me. But I guess Im writing it to reach out to other people who have been told the same thing…who may not know who they are…and to let them know..that you have to meditate and put love and positivity out into the world… cuz I guess its our duty. I dont know. but it sounds right…and feels my soul.

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