See the reason I made this blog thing a long time ago….and got convinced that my life could EASILY be a reality show…is because DAILY….the things that happen to me are some crazy comical, drama filled, action filled, unique things. And they all have to do with my talent for playing this lovely game of pocket billiards. Honestly if it could be recorded…instead of written about…it would easily be a weekly HBO special..and last night was no exception.

So I walk in the pool room…and just like every day…all the black guys are talking about me..

There’s a few opinions that go around about me….and they are as such. :

1. Jason ain’t shit.

2. Jason is good but he thinks hes better than he is. Hes way overrated

3. Jason plays great pool.

and 4. Jason is one of the best players I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen all the great one pocket players play the game.

Now….this conversation goes on daily….and every time I walk in the pool room…..there’s either a huge roar…or a huge hush. This depends on whether I’m being talked about at the time I walk in. lol. If I’m being talked about during the time of my entrance…there’s a huge hush. If the subject of “ME” hasn’t come up yet in the day….there’s a huge roar….and the festivities begin. lol. now remember….this is a poolroom full of shit talking loud boisterous black guys….who have been around the game for a long time….some of them being in the range of 75-83 years old…..and who have played with the likes of Cicero Murphy…..Buggs Rucker…Strawberry Brooks…and Marvin Henderson. The name Rotation Slim is also thrown around along with Patch Eye and some other names I cant remember off the top of my head right now. …as I’m trying to recollect them at this moment. So anyways… I wank in and go watch a 5 dollar game that goes on…..and Tubby….one of the best one pocket players in town comes in and this guy BIG MAC starts talking to him….and looking at me. I told him he doesn’t have to be bashful…”go get his ass a fire arm (meaning a pool cue—-cuz Tubby doesn’t have one) and we can get to shootin’!” (remember this is a black poolroom and everyone talks laoud and talks lots of this type of conversation is normal.)

At first Tubby doesn’t want to play…..cuz hes been hearing I’ve been running 10’s and 12’s and 13’s at times and he doesn’t want to loose MAC’s money. Tubby is the classic top pool player “case”..meaning , he’s broke …and cant get a game. Plus…he owed m$20 from the last time we played….I had beat him and I got stiffed. But I like the guy and respect his game and know whats its like…hell I been there and it sucks. So I didn’t let that stop me from the action at the present because I know Tubby’s situation….and I actually feel bad for him. Plus…I know people will bet on him….so if I don’t play him….that kills my opportunity for action…so if you weigh the outcomes of caring about a $20 dollar bill…it cost me MUCH more to keep a man from playing….just for that fact. I have been there….so I have compassion for broke top players… I know how it is…and what a bad situation being one of the best….or THE BEST….can be. In pool… be the best locally…usually SUCKS. cuz pool is full of bitches and babies. heartless action killing haters that feel like they are winning in life….if they can keep you from making a dollar. So I feel for him.. and I give him some action….despite his debt to my social security fund….lol. Now BIG MAC talks all this shit about how hes got heart and gamble…. but here he is now….asking for a ball and the breaks from me to give to Tubby. Remember Tubby is one of the top 3 in Buffalo. Now all my life I have been in a trap when it comes to pool… most of the time I outrun them… but the point is…people are always so fucking scared to play because of whatever reason…that they need the game to be WAAAAY in their favor. So here they start off with this nonsense and im just so sick of this sad pathetic shit in my life that I tell them “hes got 9-8 and to go get his gun…..cuz its gunna’ be a shoot out in the OK CORRAL in a second!!” MAC gives Tubby his cue…..and we get it on. I told MAC to put up $100 at least. 5 games. They only wanted to bet 20 a game…but scared ass a game where Tubby is the favorite….would still only bet by the game one at a time. But to me….I really just love to play….so fuck it. Flip the coin. I loose 3 games in a row….2 by 1 ball…the last ball….and 2 of the games I scratched on it….trying to make a game winning bank from up table….crossing the ball to my hole….and I scratched in the side….and the corner the other game. The last game I lost…Tubby made lucky bank into the pack…the balls went all crazy….and he shit one in his hole….and ran out. what can you do. BUT….HERE’S THE SICK SHIT THAT HAPPENS TO ME!!! HERE IT COMES!! a perfect example of why….if I was younger….and hadn’t been in this situation a million times…that I would have been in an argument….and it could have led to a “Jason always has a problem” story.

They win those 3 games… and Tubby says…”I gotta go Jase….I gotta do something for my mother.” and breaks his cue down….and quits me a $60 dollar winner!!! just like that… no warning…no nothing. just…win 3 games….get the money…and run. And to top it off…..they didn’t even pay the time….they made me pay my 7 dollars in time I owed for my half. lmao!!! how strong is that!!! Imagine how many of you out there would be flipping out if someone did that to you… that’s not good gambling….that’s a scumbag move… and people have been hurt for less… especially when its done in that fashion. I would NEVER EVER do that to a person. Quit abruptly, and then to not even to have the courtesy to pay the time. But I just shook my head…and paid my time….along with the 60$ I got beat out of. But what a move there….. the worst scumbag move really you can pull without outright cheating. This is a perfect example of why pool is rotten….because of the PEOPLE. They could have beat me out of a lot of money….certainly at least $200 at 20 a game.. I got heart….and I will stay the race….and try and play better. but these cheap nitty people…they want to get that $60 dollars…quit me….and guarantee they keep that little 30 a piece… nitty and pathetic as it is. (but Tubby did pay me the 20 he owed me surprisingly) But just think about that for a minute…most of you would feel like you’ve been robbed!!! And probably would even say your not paying the guy…or get into a heated argument due to the move that was pulled….and you know what? You wouldn’t be wrong to do so. But if I get mad….it’s “Jason’s always causing a problem” lol its funny. and its been happening all my life. The cheating…the getting stiffed….the underhanded moves… all of it. Usually because I’m winning….but this move…was to ensure them of walking out a winner.. as short little money as it was. PETTY. So they think now….that they beat me. But really….they’ll never get action from me again. And im the best action in this nitty city. So who really lost?

See….one thing about today’s society….is that there are more wrong people than there are right people. Etticate and honor and honesty have all taken a back seat to selfishness, move pulling and the underhanded ways of trying to get over on somebody. People im sure have always been bad losers . There’s a good saying..”Show me a good looser….and Ill show you a looser.” but there is an honor in the duel….and a respect that should be shown between the 2 opponents….because in all reality….when your gambling…that means that you both engage in an exchange that will end up with one person winning money….and money equals a better standard of living. So the winner…should have respect for the looser….for giving him an opportunity to be the winner….and in turn….improve his monetary standard. And the looser…should be treated with the respect and gratitude…from the guy who given the opportunity to win. So…. if you had to quit me….. abruptly…for whatever reason… have the decency to pay the time. its only 7 dollars for my half. And due to the circumstances….its most certainly the right thing to do. But for some reason…in pool..these people feel empowered when they do people wrong.. like their chest gets bigger. Like the feel good to get over on somebody….and then rub salt in their wounds. To me….that’s a horrible character. Why do you want to treat someone like shit… especially when you just beat the guy…and quit him a winner. Without any warning none the less. Its a terrible move. So I just took it…because now I’m older..and wiser and I just don’t have time for the pettiness and patheticness of stuff like this. $67 bucks ain’t shit.. its the principle. and now….they lost one of the only guys with money and the willingness to loose it…in the whole city. Old man Freddy who was a great player back in the early 50’s and 60’s came over to me and told me he was very proud the way I kept my composure and didn’t allow the circumstance to escalate. He said he knew it was a very scumbag move to do and totally wrong…especially to quit and not pay the time. And he said it took a big man to let that go….especially the way it went down. It made me feel good have someone with an honorable character give me a compliment. I’ve learned in life…its not what your told….its who your told by. Everyone has words…..but are the words worth listening to? Check the source from all the things you hear. There are a lot of false profits out there….and if your in a room full of ten people who are wrong… you can never be right.. If that’s what you truly are.

Now…after that…. I go to this bar called Mikes on the East Side of Buffalo. IN THE DEEP HOOD. I’m the only white person in there. Nothing but big gangsters and thugs. But they have a lot of pool gambling that goes down in there. I go with my man Ant who is a pretty big black dude and shoots pool down there a lot. So im good money with him. When I show up… of course I’m like a fish out of water..and I stick out like a sore thumb.. Like I’m either a looking to purchase something…or I’m lost and I sure wandered into the wrong bar. lol. So I put my quarters up and they are gambling already. But I see people getting on the phone and making phone calls… so obviously they are calling one of the main black players to ask them if they know who I am…and give them a description of me. lol. This is another thing about the cell phones nowadays for pool….it ruined a whole bunch of action cuz now everyone’s a pool detective nowadays.. always looking to hustle someone….but scared to death to get hustled themselves. Ant is trying to get bets on me already but of course when I get my UPS I ask what are they betting….and they say no bet with me. Obviously he got the line….and now everyone’s scared. But the funny thing is…when I run out…everyone starts oooooing and aaaaaaaing and talking shit to the guy I just beat!! lol They are all like “yeah (whatever his name was) bet that hundred now!! All that shit you talk to us al the time!! bet all that now son!! you scared now!!” and my the end of the night….I had all these big gangsters and huge black dudes all like my best friends and the women were all flirting with me and sitting around me and trying to get to know me..all cuz the dude whose the house champ at that present moment….was shown up by me… and HANDILY. (Plus….im a cool charismatic funny dude…I had em all crackin up) lol Like–the house champ…he was shook in his boots on the table. Wouldn’t even play for a drink….even though I don’t drink anymore. He was missing everything! Literally his arm was shaking every game he played against me. lol. But this type of thing happens a lot to me also.

When I lived in Atlanta, I lived by this bar/club called Scores in Decatur. I was the only white guy to hang out there also. Nothing but big Hip Hop heads like The Yin Yang Twins,Rich Boy, Gucci Mane and all the big hustlers and big money ballers. And again…here is this 150 lb white guy. lol. Everyone is always wondering “Why is this guy even in here?” when they first see me. But very quickly…usually even after my first day… everyone LOVES me cuz I would make the best player look like he aint shit and everyone is usually all scared to play me. So I gain respect very quickly. Bars and clubs are different from poolrooms. In a poolroom….people are jealous haters. I n the bars and clubs….everyone loves me. I just dont like hanging out at a bar. But yeah…at Scores..I was the man. (I couldn’t get any of that big money though…lol ) but I got mad respect. Free drinks at the bar…all the big ballers like the Ying Yang Twins manager BLAQUE ( who took me to D-Rocs private birthday party and introduced me to David Banner and Big Boi and some professional athletes from the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Falcons…brought me back stage to chill and blaze with all these famous people) and this dude name NY Rob (I used to call him BIG ROB cuz the dude was a big dude…he reminded me of Busta Rhymes like he is now…all diesel with chunky platinum chains and bracelets and diamonds everywhere. (He was a REALLY big baller and did things like play poker with Jay -Z and all them super super rich industry heads and big tymers for $500,000 buy ins and $10,000 a rack 8 ball…..shit like that.. big money dudes.) But them dudes.. they all loved me. Rob used to come pick me up in his 560 big body Benz on 24’s….and have a girl in the car for him and for me. lol For a while there, everywhere he went I would go with him…and I never payed for a thing…he just loved having me around. He would always tell me “Buff….yur the only white dude I can fuck wit man.. your cooler than an ice cube homie. Anything you need in life I got you dog. you aint got to be shy. If your with me…your good money you heard?” lol I never took him up on that invitation…but …it was an interesting thing to hear. It makes you feel loved almost…like honored to hear that from someone. I don’t know…its a weird feeling…but a good one. I always wondered if it was the truth, but like I said…I’m not that dude. My pride as a man would never let me do such a thing. But yeah… like I said he would even bring girls just for me when we would go places, so we always had 2 dyme pieces with us. He’d be like– “here J..this is Tasha..shes for you tonight.” and she’d be like a model chick or a video vixen. A BAD ASS B#$% lol (that’s where I learned how to handle them dyme pieces in bed… like how to knock em out like a rock star. lol) But they had to be a cool chick…otherwise id tell Mike “this bitch ain’t shit” and he’d send them on their way. That happened a couple times…but not often. I picked up a lot of personality with Rob. He was one cool ass dude fur sure and he rubbed off on me a lot. We only hung out like 20 times altogether…He was a really busy dude I guess. I heard hes in Jail now for DWI manslaughter….man that sucks.. he was a really good person. And not cuz he never made me pay for anything… hell when your getting money like that…I wouldn’t let anyone whose with me pay for anything either. He used to spend 2-4 grand a night when we went out like it wasn’t a thought. That’s what that big money is like… but that shit don’t mean shit to me.. He was a real genuine good person… and those are the people I like…and why you usually don’t see me around too many people. Money doesn’t make your worth.

Your CHARACTER makes you worth something. And to me….peoples character worth is much more valuable than their monetary worth. So yeah.. when I left Mikes Bar…everyone was my best friend and had mad respect for me. I’m sure it was funny for people to see all these huge black gangster regulars slapping up and cheering for this new white guy…who weighs a buck 50 with glasses and a chipped front And the house champ…well he left early…cuz it was like everyone turned on him…and gave him a taste of his own medicine.. They were even telling him he could bet what he wanted….cuz they wanted to put the money up for me! lol One guy had a HUGE stack of hundreds and was like “you can empty out if ya want. Go to the bank…empty it all out…and ill just put it on my man right here” he said…pointing to me. lol. The guy was speechless. He was like a little kid who had his toy stolen from a bigger boy…and couldn’t do nothing about it. His position in his environment was compromised by a 150 lb white boy with glasses… whose now got everyone in the bar beside him….and girls all over him. lol It was like I took his CROWN. And I never beat him out of a dollar. It was all about respect. But like I said.. this has happened to me many times. I never had a problem in places like this. No matter where I went….I never got fucked with whether it was an all black…all Mexican…all Puerto Rican or Dominican joint cuz the same thing always happens. lol I make the best player shake in his boots….everyone hes always bullying sees their opportunity to bully him back…the girls love a guy who’s the center of attention and all the popular guys are holding up on the pedestal….and I walk out with lots of new friends.

Well…temporary friends…friends for the moment. And that’s how Iv’e been invited to Yachts and mansions and parties where I never would supposed to be at. Its due to the respect that I’ve earned in these environments….plus the fact that I’m a really cool guy….with good character, humor and charisma..and a good sense of fashion…that keeps me in those places once I’m in. If I was the piece of shit that people love to tell stories and lies about…Id never even get to the door ….let alone make it through the end of the night and invited back…honorably. So yesterday was an interesting day. I wish I had played better…but I got to see the character of people. and in order to be a successful pool player….or any type of legal or illegal hustler……you need to be a good judge of character….and I have always been a bad one…..and I always gave people a second chance….even when they did me dirty. But not anymore. Fool me once…shame on you. Fool me twice…. shame on me. Every day I get better at this life…for this is the path I choose. My job. and if your working and not making it a point to get better at your job….your a fool. And a fool Ive never been. Just genuine. and sometimes….those 2 things can look the same through the eyes of bad people. and like I said before…today… there are WAAAAY more bad people than good. Check your sources. And learn how to improve your craft daily.

Till tomorrow….or whenever…



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