Well I had my 2nd round playing even One Pocket with Dennis Hatch the other day and I must say I did better than the first day. If I had played for exactly the same time frame (3 hours) I actually would have been up 1 game but genius me….I can never quit and of course in the long run I’m way the underdog so I kept playing for 6 hours and ended up 7 games looser.

Once again…whenever people hear that Dennis and I are playing…the house gets packed. I actually never seen the Hippodrome as packed as it was the 2 days that Dennis and I played. Its funny how mad people were that I was, for the first 3 hours, trading games back and forth with him and actually ended up getting up 1 game and almost 2 when a fluke shot allowed him to run 8 and out on me when I needed only 1 ball. All the people are whispering and arguing about how good I play. Now remember these are mostly all the old time black players and they are not the quietest of people nor do they keep thier opinions to themselves so as Dennis and I are shooting….20 of them are talking about how great Dennis is….and 2 of them are defending MY game to the rest of the 20. lol. It was really funny. JuneBug and The Duke are the only 2 people giving me praise saying things like “the man has been playing one of the best in the world for 3 hours and hes up 1 game…now how can you deny the man that?” or when I make a great shot and run an 8 and out The Duke would say “and you guys say the man cant shoot! What are we looking at then? Thats my Grandson!! I never seen a player so young do the things he does with his finesse and touch! I played with Buggs, Cicero, Strawberry, Marvin Henderson, Rotation Slim……and I never seen a man do the things this young man is doing at such a young age. His knowledge and touch is incredible. Its like watching a Bull and a Butterfly play. Dennis is all power and Jason is all finesse and touch!” A couple of times Dennis even got mad saying “why dont you guys put up some money if you think hes so great?!!? Hes good…..but he’s not good enuff to beat me!” The Duke and I had to explain to him about how much hate and jealousy has surrounded me since Ive been giving everyone in the poolroom 10-6 and 13-4 and 10-5 and all these stupid spots and they cant win….and yet…..they all talk shit about how I cant play and I aint shit. Dennis says…”Oh….I diddnt know all that. well anyone who thinks this kid cant play is a complete idiot. Its plain to see hes a good player. But he’s not me. Hes not good enuff to beat me.” and of course….hes right. One time Dennis told The Duke….whos 80 years old and played all the great black one hole players back in the day… He held up his pinky finger and said ” Duke….no matter what anybody says….THIS IS NOT A THUMB!” and The Duke started cracking up.. and to me…that was a big compliment.

After the day was over, everyone was calling me and congratulating me on how well I played for the first 3 hours. Even though I ended up a 7 game loser, the had to recognize that for 3 hours…I stayed in the ring and went head to head with one of the greatest talents living today. Everyone knows that when Dennis was 19 he was probably the most feared money player in the US. He has won the MVP for a Mosconi Cup, has won many championships and came runner up in the US OPEN. And for the Cash…hes even better. Dennis is a good friend of mine even though hes got that “I dont give anyone credit or respect when im in the ring” attitude….hes commended me on how far my game has come…and even before we played…hes told me he was trying to get me on Johnny Archers Bonus Ball team with him but I guess since Im not a true professional I couldnt get on. Honestly, I think i would be a great addition to that team…and being around those great players on an even keil, even though I would be the weakest link, my game would come up so fast and so far that it might amaze everyone who was williing to take notice. I know I have the talent to play with the best in the world…and the past few days….for a short couple hour period…ive proven that. To me, and to everyone who was watching…even though they fight so hard to disbelieve what they see with their own eyes…..over and over again. but its the seasoning and the opportunities I lack. Thats one of the reasons I came up with this blog and was working on getting my own reality show. Becasue my pure talent is one in a million….I play so good somtimes I scare myself. I just lack the support and conditioning of anyone who has reached the top. Some one give me those opportunities….and I promise you…we will be looking down at the world.

“The Bull and The Butterfly” what a fitting title for our match. Thanx Duke for the eloquence….and for standing up for my game and my character….in the midst of all these haters….who refuse to see…what their eyes behold to them.

Till next time. One Love


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