Thanks to OSPN/FELTCAM and BORDERLINE BILLIARDS we are able to produce high quality streaming of great action matches involving some of the best players on the east-coast.

These matches are challenges between the players, for whatever amount they both agree to.
Currently we are streaming SINGLES ACTION. We will also be adding SCOTCH DOUBLES, MIXED DOUBLES, LADIES, JUNIORS & TEAMS.

Commentary is a bonus for all matches that are played for $500 or more. It’s our way of giving you the ability to watch these matches live, with up to date information, in great quality.

Currently we are scheduling matches on Monday and Wednesday. Other days may be available with advanced notice.

These players will be part of the XStream Action Team and will qualify for a special invitational event designed just for the ACTION PLAYERS.

Anyone can play, but all matches must be pre-arranged. Players must agree to all terms and conditions. Sportsmanship and etiquette will strictly be enforced. There will be no side betting or gambling involved. The scheduled match will play for the designated amounts, same as a two-person tourney.
Borderline and XSTREAM ACTION is not responsible for any of the prize money. All winnings and losses must be reported to the IRS. This is the player’s responsibility.

Anyone interested in playing or scheduling a match may contact Janet.

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