Hi, My name is Mike “KajunMike” Fabacher.   A little about myself , i am one who loves the game of pool , probably been shooting pool since i was old enough to walk.   I start playing APA around the 90’s .  I am interest in providing my friend’s and fellow pool players a site where they can find leagues and tournaments and also provide streaming for the fans who can’t travel to tournaments to watch for ever reason why. Some might not be able to tolerate the smoke in some bars , clubs etc.   Some might not be able to travel to watch their friends to play .  With me providing the streaming this will help those who can’t get out live to watch . The calendar will provide bars and clubs to be able to list what events they have rather its league or tournaments and hopefully eliminating people who call and asking “do you have a tournament tonight?” or “what night is your APA 8 ball league?” etc.  If you have any questions or you want to list your club or bar in my events calendar please contact me by sending me an email at kajunpoolplayer@gmail.com.    Be sure to look for my streaming events .   Thanks for reading



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