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Custom Live Billiard Streaming

Welcome to The On Site Pool Network

It is now economical to provide exclusive live and on-demand coverage of any billiard event tailored to a specification surrounding your product, services, sponsors and/or associates. OSPN facilitates and maintains a complete online infrastructure focused only on pool & billiards. We leverage no predatory services that may or may not have permission to Untitled-2interrupt or interject an audience.  Our turn key service provides you with minimal brand intrusion or a questionable agenda that in the past had to be agreed with to receive live coverage or video recordings. There was simply no other choice.

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Formal Introduction

The On Site Pool Network Vision

OSPN is engaged in bleeding edge technology to facilitate an organized future for online billiards. Online billiard streaming has become an integral counterpart throughout the billiard world over the last 2 decades. With the abundant origination of free stream sources, facebookseo.2content providers and social media, billiards still seems to fall short being able to organize financial freedom. No doubt, live and recorded billiard streams leveraging the current trends online are a great way to showcase billiard products and services. But there's this nagging undesirable catch that lurks to distract the attention of our online audience.

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